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APHS: Improved ergonomics, reliable processes and high quality.

APHS, which is designed with a superior experience of Baykal Machinery for 20 years in press brake manufacturing, will be the most important profit factor of your company. It minimizes your unit time costs with its speedy, sensitive, quality and superior bending ability.

Thanks to its monoblock welded body structure with static and dynamic rigidity, it provides a long operating life. APHS press brake converts your most sensitive works into perfect with reliable processes.

Benefits at a glance

  • Rigidly welded, monoblock steel frame for minimum deflection under load.
  • Downstroking bending beam with two cylinders made from high-quality forged steel and precisely honed.
  • Ram travel fully supported in low friction fiber slideways.
  • Full electronic synchronisation with proportional valve technology assuring maximum bend accuracy and repeatability through constant monitoring and correction of beam parallelism by a CNC system.
  • Stroke-depth measurement through high-precision linear scales.
  • CNC-controlled backgauge on ballscrew spindles with DC drive.
  • Block-type European hydraulics.
  • Compactly-wired electrical box with ventilation.
  • Full conformity with EC Machinery Directive for safety and certified CE marking.

CNC System

  • Graphical control with full programming and machine control facilities in a user-friendly computer environment. Main features include:
  • Programmable multi-axis control.
  • Y1-Y2 cylinder axes.
  • X1-X2-R1-R2-Z1-Z2 backgauge axes.
  • CNC crowning axis.
  • Modular expansion for additional axes.
  • High memory capacity for program steps and tooling data .
  • High number of  product and bend repeat possibility .
  • Direct graphical programming with automatic computation of all axis positions and bend sequence in full graphic simulation .
  • Product programming with direct angle input or in absolute dimensions. For each CNC program and bend sequence, the programmable and/or computed functions include: bending length/thickness, material selection, tooling selection, bend method, mute position, pinching point, pres force/speed, incremental travel and retraction of backgauge,dwell time, delay time for axes re-positioning, decompression stroke/speed, tilt adjustment, cgorrections on Y and X axes.
  • Manual operation of all axes.
  • Teach-in on all axes.
  • Operator selectable languages.
  • Integrated diagnostic software.
  • Memory  storage on USB flashdisk.


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