Imac srl now the property of the group Lodesani e Carreri is an Italian company founded in 1973 and located in Formigine (Modena).

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IMAC Notching

The success of the Imac notching machines on the international market is due to the versatility, exactness, solidity, and to the simplicity of use of the wide range of machinery. The Imac Notchers are unrivalled for the cutting exactness on various kinds of material and for the clean notching on the metal sheet avoiding the bothersome trimmings. Free from lubrication they do not need any maintenance assistance.

In order to satisfy the whole range of the metal sheet working machinery market demands, Imac offers the chance of choosing among the fixed angle notchers, that cut at 90°, the variable angles types, that offer a cutting range that goes from 30° to 140° and the double station notching machines that give the operator the advantage both in economic and space terms, of having two machines in one: a fixed or variable angle notching machine and a punching machine.

Imac wants to offer its customers a further choice and has devised the Europe (E) version of its fixed and variable notching machines. A simple construction and fewer accessories supplied with the machines allow the customer to have a big advantage in term of money but a good quality of work.

IMAC Punching

During the last years the Imac staff has pursued the aim of offering its customers the chance of choosing the machine that suits best its working necessities and for this reason has been manufacturing a wide range of punching machines, from the simple manual punching machine up to the modern and well-developed numerically controlled punching machine.

The manual punching machine HP M 500 is suitable for those customers who have to produce prototypes and doesn’t need any other equipment. The big advantage of this machine, besides being at 30, 40 or 50 tonnes, is that of fitting different attacks such as Trumpf®, Rainer® or Fimm® type.

The first one is well-known for its exactness while the second one exploits the wide matrix that on the HP M500 can reach the 180mm. With these features the customer can make also holes of important dimensions with a single punch.

All the numerically controlled punching machines of different dimensions (1000×1250; 1000×2000; 1250×2000; 1500×2000 mm and other dimensions under request) can be indistinctly equipped of:

  • All types of Multitool (see the section tools)
  • Software on the machine or fitted on the office PC
  • Index system

There are three categories of Imac CNC punching machines and they mainly differ for the motorization and hydraulic group. The wide group of punching machines ranges from the entry-level named as Basic suitable for the small artisan that manages small productions, to the more fitted out and very good Standard punching machine devoted to those customers who produce medium quantities of self-made products, up to the speedy and excellent Evolution version suitable for those customers who works on behalf of a third party.

The categories of our customers range from manufacturers of cooling and heating systems, lighting complements, pc accessories, aluminium plates and road signs, industrial kitchens and supermarkets dressings, silencers and many other things.

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