Offering high quality pipe, machine tools, machinery, metal forming, mandrel & non-mandrel benders, steel tubing benders and general pipe bending equipment.

A small selection of products are shown here.
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The ERCOLINA® line is made up of 30 models, including:

  • Roller benders
  • CNC Roller benders
  • Mandrel tube, pipe and profile benders
  • CNC Mandrel tube, pipe and profile benders
  • Mandrelless tube, pipe and profile benders
  • Ram benders

Here is a small selection of machines by Ercolina many more are also available.

Roller Benders

Innovative machines with three-roller system for bending all types of tube and profile with wide radius bends. 80% of profiles can be bent using standard tooling. The bend radius can be set by changing the position of the central roller. All models feature an extremely rigid pyramid structure, forged steel roller shafts, micrometric tool adjustment, and internal microprocessor for central roller position programming and readout.

Mandrel Tube Benders

New, REINFORCED, version for tubes up to dia. 76 x 2mm stainless steel. Electronically programmable machines for bending tube and profiles with very tight radii: from 1.5 to 2.5 times the tube outside diameter (the bend radius depends on tube outside diameter, wall thickness, and material). Designed to meet the needs of users who require the maximum possible bend quality combined with very tight bend radii, ideal for medium-lowproduction volumes. Ease of use, flexibility, and rapid tooling change mean that the initial investment can be quickly recouped.

Ram Benders

Practical, lightweight, portable manual tube benders. The Jolly and Junior models are designed to bend annealed copper, steel, stainless steel and other materials depending on the specific version.

The unique Ercolina system offers very high multiplication of bending force thanks to the action of a hydraulic ram. In addition, we can supply kits with special tooling for deep drawing, tapering, flaring, and reduction of tubes. All machines, complete with accessories, are supplied in a practical impact-resistant carrying case.

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