Behringer Eisele

BEHRINGER GmbH was founded in 1919 as a mechanical workshop, and took over circular sawing specialist EISELE in 2000.

A small selection of products are shown here.
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Behringer manufacture a complete range of high performance saws for the steel and metalworking industry. Below are only a few examples of the types of Behringer machines supplied by Gillen Machine Tools.

Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw

The Fully automatic machines of the HBP series are true all-rounders tubes, profiles and solids.They convince with high output, reliability and ease of use – and at a very attractive price.

The BEHRINGER automatic machine range is as flexible as your requirements. These machines are suitable for everything from dividing pipes and profiles to solid material with difficult machining properties. Their rigid, torsionally-resistant and low-vibration sawing frames in a stable cast design and backlash-free pre-tensioned quadruple guides ensure optimum sawing results. The BEHRINGER cutting pressure control system supplied as a standard feature permits either a constant cutting feed during the sawing of solid material, or force-dependent automatic adjustment of the cutting feed when sawing pipes and profiles. It guarantees economy coupled with high cutting performance while taking optimum care of the bandsaw blade. They are user-friendly, impress with good accessibility and equipped with an intuitive NC control.

The important functions – technical details which make your production even more profitable – are contained in the basic price:

  • Fully automatic height setting of the saw frame
  • Hydraulic saw blade tensioning with electrical monitoring
  • Hydraulic material clamping
  • Steplessly adjustable material gripper clamping pressure
  • Ball screw for precise material positioning
  • Electonically controlled cutting speed
  • Steplessly adjustable saw feed

Automatic Mitre Bandsaw

The automatic mitre bandsaws from BEHRINGER are saws to really get things moving. Particularly when it comes to classical series production such as cutting to fixed lengths and mitre sawing in automatic mode. And also when cutting layers and packages they make a good impression. By their excellent cutting performance and short nonproductive times, your productivity can be increased significantly.

Using an NC controlled feed gripper in conjunction with an NC controlled saw frame mitre box, fully automatic mitre cuts can be performed on both sides. The PC control system provided as standard makes for extremely simple menu-prompted operation of the saw and peripheral devices.

The BEHRINGER mitre bandsaws of the HBP range contain many useful features already in the basic price:

  • Convenient PC control
  • Fast NC-controlled mitre system
  • Vertical clamping unit
  • NC-controlled feeding gripper with 3.000 mm feeding length in single stroke (except HBP310-403GA)
  • Spray mist cooling system

HBP 360 & 430 A/PCM

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